Thunder Coat Polish and Sealant Kit-Three 2 oz bottles & 2 HD microfiber towels

$22.95 $18.95

Three 2 ounce bottles of Thunder Coat and 2 heavy duty microfiber towels. One 2 oz spray bottle will protect 1-2 vehicles. A light mist is all you need. Thunder Coat is a premium multi-surface UV protectant.

Thunder Coat cleans, shines and polishes many surfaces including paint,glass, metal,fiberglass,plastic,rubber,vinyl and leather. It is non-abrasive and will not scratch or swirl clean or dirty surfaces.

Thunder Coat will remove road dirt, bugs, dust, smudges and contaminates from vehicle surfaces and can be used in place of constant car washing. Thunder coat leaves no messy residue and will leave a durable high gloss water-beading shine. It can be used on a dry or wet surface.

Thunder Coat features Advanced Poly Shield Technology that is designed to protect against extreme temperatures. Thunder Coat contains Synthetic polymers that will protect your vehicle up to 6 months or more.Thunder Coat is Not for use on severely faded/oxidized surfaces. Thunder coat will remove light oxidation and will shine and protect exterior plastic trim and mirrors. Thunder coat will dry on plastic and will not wash away.

Application 1: Spray a light coat on all surfaces and wipe with a microfiber towel

Application 2: Spray a light coat on all surfaces and let dry. Thunder coat will leave a slick long lasting barrier that will also deflect bugs on long road trips. Let Thunder Coat soak into plastic trim and rubber surfaces. Then buff to a high gloss using microfiber towels.